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“Great prices, great food, even better owner”

Kathryn M.

Beirut is run by, probably, the nicest man in Troy. He’s always smiling, very accommodating, and just really a pleasure to talk to overall. If you become a regular (like me), he’s always asking after people that he’s seen you with.

I’ve only had the beef schwarma (not going to lie, I only tried it because of watching The Avengers), and hummus, but they’re so good. The tatziki sauce is light, creamy and has a wonderful tang. The lettuce is never mushy and the pickles go perfectly with it. I always give the tomatoes to my boyfriend, though. And the pita is perfectly grilled. Crunchy, but not break-your-tooth crunchy.

Lebanese music is always playing, and the place is full of Lebanese decor. It’s a really nice and cultural atmosphere.

Great prices, great food, even better owner. I highly recommend Beirut.

Vic C.

Would you like some pita bread?

The eggplant and lentil mujadara make this place an automatic 5-star. Falafel plate is executed perfectly.

The HajNasr family treats everyone like they are part of their family. To give them anything less than 5-stars makes you an unappreciative family member, and you should be ashamed of yourself! I don’t wanna hear about taking stars away for paper plates, or because the service is too friendly.

The simplistic brilliance of their menu along with personable hosts, far outweigh ceramic plates delivered by script-reading robots in other establishments.

“Incredibly kind and personable family”

Nina P.

owned by an incredibly kind and personable family who make:

the perfect lunch: zaatar sauce + falafel wrap & the perfect dinner: moussaka + sampler platter

“Best Mediterranean food in the Capital Region”

S K.

This is by far the best Mediterranean food I’ve eaten in the Capital Region. As many others have said, the service is incredible. The owner goes out of his way to make you feel at home and is extremely friendly. I will be back. A lot!

“Everything we ate was awesome”

Forest W.

Amazing baba Ghanoush and hummous. Everything we ate was awesome. The owner is soooo nice…. He runs around the restaurant making sure you are having a great experience. He is super nice. This place is super authentic. Menu is not extensive, but it all looks great.

“They make you feel like you are ‘home'”

Ben H.

This was a very decorated place. It inspires you to go to Beirut for the food and for the sights. The owners are fantastic people, incredibly friendly and personable. Anything you order will most likely be good and full of flavor (as we haven’t tried everything on the menu). They make you feel like you are “home.”

“Made my day!”

Michele O.

The first time I went here for lunch I was in a pretty cruddy mood: Monday, rainy, cold, boss out of control all morning… By the time I finished placing my order, my whole tone changed! The sincere friendliness and attention I was given as a customer warmed my heart! By the time I left, I felt like I was walking out of some close friend’s Lebanese dining room. Made my day!

I got the falafel that day which was fantastic! I have since been back several times and tried many more menu offerings and have never been disappointed. I just love it!!!!!!!